Bijapur Lodge- Luxury Safari Camp in Jawai, Rajasthan

Luxury Safari Camp in Jawai, Rajasthan

To enjoy the essence of Jawai in all its glory, life at an expensive safari camp is a must. Among the numerous options, Luxury Safari Camp in Jawai, Rajasthan, emerges as a haven of comfort and journey, promising an unforgettable getaway. Bijapur Lodge Resort is not your normal resort. Imagine a group of spacious tents nestled amidst the rugged Aravalli terrain, imparting a sense of seclusion and a unique connection with nature. Each tent is meticulously designed, boasting a mix of rustic beauty and current services.

Adventure Resort in Jawai

A Perfect Blend of Adventure and Relaxation

Adventure Resort In Jawai lies in the unforgettable herbal world encounters. Jawai is renowned for its leopard population, boasting a very pleasant density in India. With professional naturalists as your guide, embark on thrilling jeep safaris into the coronary heart of their herbal habitat. Witness those outstanding creatures stalk their prey or bask in the sun’s warm temperature, and revel in an awesome way to leave you breathless. The naturalists, with their vast statistics of the place’s ecology, will unveil the secrets and strategies of the nearby plants and fauna, making your safari an enriching journey of discovery.

The best Leopard Safari & Hotel in Jawai, in your Jawai journey, is a choice you might not regret. It’s a place in which luxury seamlessly blends with adventure, creating an unforgettable breakout for discerning tourists. From the costly tents and personalized service to the interesting safaris and immersive activities, the camp caters to each tourist’s preference.

Contact Details –

Website  : Resort in Jawai

Phone : +91 9717482225

Address : Jawai, Village – Bijapur Rajasthan, India.

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